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NORINC ( QINGDAO ) INTERTRADE CO., LTD. is an international industrial and trading company engaged in business of import and export of Raw materials and Products of Metallurgical industry, Nonferrous Metals industry, Carbon and Graphite industry, Structural Ceramics and Minerals industries, etc..
Based on over fifteen years of global business experience, we would like to support our customers with abundant wealth of skills and products knowledge together with best services.
Our main business scope:
  • Ferro Alloy & Steel Section : Ferro Silicon Alloy, Silicon Manganese Alloy, Ferro Manganese Alloy, Silicon Calcium Alloy, various Alloy-Cored Wires, Silicon Metal, Manganese Metal, Steel Plate & Coils, Structural Steel Products, etc..
  • Carbon and Graphite Material Section:Graphite Electrode, Graphite Rod, Graphite Block, Carbon Block, Carbon Anode, Carbon Cathode, Graphite Crucibles and Heating Elements for Monocrystalline/ polycrystalline Silicon Industry, Graphite Moulds for Aluminium/Cooper/Brass products, Graphite Moulds for Jewelry making, Expandable Crystalline Flake Graphite and various Compound Graphite Seals., etc..
  • Minerals Section:Crystalline Flake Graphite, Carbon Additives (including Coke Nut, Coke Breeze, Coke Powder, Calcined Anthracite, Graphite Electrode Scraps, Calcined Petroleum Coke, Graphitized Petrolem Coke, etc..), Calcined Flint Clay, Bauxite, Kaolin, etc..
  • Refractory Section:Refractory Bricks for Blast, Arc Furnace, Ladle, Torpedo Cars, Hot Stove, Coke Oven, Glass Furnace., etc..
  • New Products Developing Section:Ceramic Grinding Media, Structural Ceramics.,Quartz crucibles, etc..
  • Import Section: NORINC - QINGDAO also engages in the import of ores, minerals and metal products to meet local market demands.
    More than just exporter and importer, NORINC-QINGDAO have enlarged the role of intermediary and added new value to the company's traditional services. On our clients' behalf, we are searching for more new reliable and best quality suppliers all over the world to meet different demands both in domestic and international market.
    NORINC (Qingdao) is always ready to bring buyers and sellers from all over the world together on mutual benefits.
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